This wine expresses the most typical aromas of the grape such as black cherry, plum and violet, whose intense combination can only be obtained with pure Sangiovese.
In the Gregorian chant "Jubilus" is the expression of the heart’s feeling when words are not enough.
By enjoying all the sensations given by this wine you will understand the reason of his name. 


DENOMINATION: Indicazione Geografica Tipica.

GRAPES VARIETY: Sangiovese 100% 


VINEYARDS: Our vineyards are located in the south of Pratomagno and benefit ideal climatic conditions for the growth and maturation of the grapes, with cool temperatures during  germination  and  hot temperatures during ripening,

Intense brightness surrounds us throughout the year and the constant ventilation that blows from  the West facilitates perspiration, pollination and ripening of the grapes.

Our soil are very variables, usually sandy, but with clay areas also, rich of quarz and iron oxide.   


CONDUCTION: organic certification attested by Suolo e Salute, no use of chemicals.

CONVERSION: in the 2006 the field has been converted to organic conduction.

HARVEST: manual harvesting in October. 

SUGGESTED :  The Jubilus can be combined with structured meals and mature cheeses.

  JUBILUS          PIAN DEL PINO           PIANALTI             SALIX            MARI'