Wine is a drink that enriches and makes unique our table.

Wine must excite and so it must be of good quality.

First of all, the taster should focus on the latter without considering the type of farm, the terroir and so on.

Only when a wine has been considered of good quality, the taster should consider two other factors fundamental and engaging:

the personality of the product combined with the authenticity of the variety of vine.

It's in the glass that you can "feel" the strength of the earth, the energy of a terroir and the intensity of the vine. 

If you are the tasters and you can feel these characteristics in our wines, we invite you to discover more about our agricultural and enological approach.

Our production is based on two fundamental certainties:

- in the grape there are all the necessary and sufficient elements (yeasts, enzymes, tannins…) for making wine of good quality, true ambassadors of a territory

- wine making requires enological knowledge, but the producer must not lose his "artisan" role as  his creative sensibility and his instinct.

In this way they are born:

Jubilus igt - 100% Sangiovese 

Pian del Pino igt - Sangiovese - Merlot- Colorino del Valdarno

Pianalti igt - Sangiovese  - Colorino del Valdarno - Malvasia Nera

Salix igt - 100%Colorino del Valdarno 

Marì igt rosato - Sangiovese - Malvasia Bianca - Trebbiano

Terre Murate igt  (not for sale) - 100% Merlot tardive harvest