From Giovanni ......... to Giovanni 

"...... The property  was purchased by my grandfather Giovanni in 1953 but I was only 16 when he died. To him  I owe much, not only the estate but also a great respect for the plants and the soil....




View of our valley from Pratomagno
View of our valley from Pratomagno

The estate Pian del Pino is situated in the heart of Tuscany, at the foot of Pratomagno mountain which dominates the Arno Valley, a Chianti area between Arezzo and Florence.

Our estate extended for about 15 hectares of which six are used for vineyard, very close to Campogialli, a medieval village has always been tied to agricolture.   


Naural Reserve of Bandella and Hell Valley
Naural Reserve of Bandella and Hell Valley

 Everything began in 2001 when we decided to take care of the family farm, it was the right time to face another challenge.

The Mountain, the Alpinism , the Climbing, the effort paid off with wonderful scenery, the full immersion in Nature were and still are integral parts of our lives. Certainly, without these experiences we would have never established a “Natural” farm where “Natural” is for us synonymous with authenticity, originality and truth.

When we started dealing with wine, the management of these lands was the fruit of chemistry and everything was based on production and extreme exploitation of soil and plants.

In 2001 we embarked on the conversion route from industrial to organic agriculture, we shifted then to Bio-dynamics and finally to “Natural” agriculture, thus allowing soil and plants to slowly recover their life cycle.  

The commitment and the search for the “Natural Method” continues in the cellar where, each year, the earth flavor and the sun energy merge together to start the miraculous transformation of grapes into wine.

Our vineyards are located in the south of Pratomagno and benefit ideal climatic conditions for the growth and maturation of the grapes, with cool temperatures during  germination  and  hot temperatures during ripening,with frequent rainfall in   Spring and fall in  temperature between day and night.

Intense brightness surrounds us throughout the year and the constant ventilation that blows from  the West facilitates perspiration, pollination and ripening of the grapes

The  wine making, aging and bottling cellar is still located in the medieval village of Campogialli. It is well equipped and  allows us to follow our natural path even after the grape harvest, a choice that we believe the best way to produce well recognizable authentic and perfect wines. It is easy to define a wine as natural: it is the wine made with natural  grapes and with no additions such as yeasts, enzymes, tannins ....

It is not easy to make a good natural wine!

It is definitely not possible to make it with grapes grown in the conventional way!

The first label, "Piandelpino", was produced in 2003  with grapes from the vineyards that surround the farmhouse. Such  vineyards are the oldest ones and include different specie varieties.  
The second born is “Jubilus" made  from pure Sangiovese grapes, then "Pianalti," and  finally,  "Marì": the rosé.

In 2011 was born Salix  unique wine, result of a great work of recovery of a vine that was disappearing, the Colorino of the Valdarno, expresses intriguing smells.