Everything began in 2001 when we decided to take care of the family farm, it was the right time to face another challenge.

When we started dealing with wine,  the management of these lands was  the fruit of hemistry and everything was based on production and extreme

exploitation of soil and plants. Our first objective was to create a “Natural” farm where “Natural” is for us  synonymous with authenticity,  originality and truth.

In 2001 we embarked on the conversion route from industrial to organic agriculture, we shifted then to Bio-dynamics and finally to “Natural” agriculture, thus allowing soil and plants  to slowly recover their life cycle. 

The commitment and the search for the “Natural Method” continues in the cellar where, each year, the earth flavor and the sun energy merge together to start the miraculous transformation of grapes into wine. 

After a few years we realized that it was possible to manage natural viticulture and, indeed, that it was much easier than other crops (such as cereal).  In 2007, when the conversion to natural was completed,  we decided toplant more vineyardsand to root out the very old ones which were unproductive and no longer sustainable.
We however  managed to ensure the continuity of our plants, since a high proportion of new vineyards were made  up with the best plant material (mainly Sangiovese and Colorino) taken from old vineyards more than 60 years old and  grown up to 2008 with the old system of sharecropping, with wide rows sown with cereals and leguminous and  rotating crops in lanes.


All vineyards have not been treated with synthesis chemical fertilizers for 10 years and , apart from  the younger ones,  who havebenefited from few organic manure, mainly vegetable based compost, all the others were fed only with  green manure /grass mowing,   leaving animals  to graze in winter.


Sangiovese is The main variety we grow, our is in fact an area particularly suited to his cultivation. For a long time, our efforts are also directed towards research of indigenous grapes, a few years ago we discovered in a vineyard of over 60 years old  two plants of Colorino of Valdarno vine with a berry very small.  It is a vine long abandoned as unproductive, in fact, the bunches  are so small  who are in the palm of your hand. From our efforts was born Salix: pure Colorino of Valdarno. Our next effort will be the  grow of moscardino a particular type of violet muscat very suitable for a raisin wine.

Other varieties we grow are Trebbiano Toscano,  Tuscan White Malvasia ,Black Malvasia.....

Among the international vines we  grow Merlot.