"Everythings you can imagine, Nature has already created"

                                               Albert Einstein


The spectacular beauty of the natural landscape, the silent perfection of being  and the completeness of the cycle of season are all grand experiences which profoundly enrich us. It is a great privilege to partake every year of these treasures, and as artisans of real wine, we stand watch that the real forces of nature come together in the wine and become the highest expression of the diversity and authenticity of the territory

                                                                                                                                                             Giovanni Batacchi


The phrase ‘love and respect for our earth’ summarizes our work. We not feel ourselves to be pioneers of the truth – the true pioneers were those who practiced agriculture over 150 years ago without the deceptive technical comforts of today and particularly those farsighted individuals who, during the industrial boom, warned against the error man would make in attempting to manage their lands.

As careful observers, we believe that there are two fundamental qualities that should never be forgotten in our operations: workmanship and authenticity. 



In recent years we have lost the standard of artisanal workmanship. It is a concept which runs contrary to industrial logic, based on the necessity to make all things uniform, to homogenize, favour a stratified economy, plan often short term marketing strategies, etc. At times, negative concepts are associated with artisanal workmanship.....


The standard of authenticity which continuously influences our activity has a very clear and profound meaning which goes well beyond the goal of a simple, organic production of wine.

For us, authenticity means, first and foremost, growing the plants by imitating in minute detail the most evolved method that exists – nature itself. 

The Completeness..

The third privilege is understanding the “completeness of the cycles of nature”. In nature, all the biological processes are carried out without waste or pollution, all the time preserving, even improving the fertility of the soil. Understanding the completeness of the cycles means also understanding, for example, that in nature ...